Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Performing Robots

With the advance in technology, robotics is steadily developing, and the range of applications in which robotics is implemented is also expanding.

In terms of production lines and factories industrial robots have become a common investment, car manufacturing lines, food processing factories, and even your nearest coca cola factory!

But what about entertainment, what about using robots to put on a performance? Well there are already a few robots out there which are used for entertainment purposes (and also research at the same time).

The most well known of all is ASIMO the Honda robot, which is far more than just an entertainment robot, ASIMO is equip with acceleration and gyroscopic sensors, six axis foot sensors.

He is capable of walking, running and even climbing stairs, and in terms of communication ASIMO utilizes his vision system for facial and gesture recognition, he is capable of wireless communication, and interfacing with ASIMO is improved through comprehension of voice commands which can be mapped to each individual voice!

With such incredible technological capabilities, this robot can be utilized for intractable and creative applications, one of which is entertainment.

Considering there is such an incredible market for music and live performances, perhaps some artists could implement the use of robots for dance or even a robotic instrument playing member!

Or perhaps robots conducting an orchestra:

Hopefully with the advance in technology, and robotics, we can see more of robotics in the performing arts arena!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Using Modern Technology for Robotics the iPhone

Check out the application of the iPhone in robotics, just goes to show how existing technology can be cleverly manipulated for new applications

Lego Mindstorm NXT application, using the iPhone Safari and the mindstorm light sensor!

iPhone controlled dog feeder!

click below and check it out:
Performing Robots